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Central AC Installation & Replacement

Central AC Installation

Your Trusted Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Experts

If you’re a homeowner located in the Montgomery, Bucks, or Philadelphia areas and need a new central air conditioning system, contact the team at Sanks Mechanical. Our central air conditioning system specialists are fully licensed and insured HVAC contractors who will assist you in selecting the best equipment for your home based on your budget and home size. We will customize your new central AC system installation to match your specific requirements and ensure it will operate with maximum efficiency.

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Efficient Cooling All Summer Long

It’s essential to invest in a high-quality air conditioning system from a reputable manufacturer as there are various options available in the market. It’s equally crucial to select the appropriate size unit. Installing an undersized AC unit will not perform optimally, resulting in uneven temperatures, while an oversized one will lead to unnecessary expenses. Each AC system has an energy efficiency rating which is also a vital factor to consider. Air conditioning systems are rated using either the SEER or SEER2 metric, and we can help you pick an ENERGY STAR-certified unit that saves you money every month and over the equipment’s lifespan.

Central AC Installation

Do I Need to Install a New Central AC System?

The primary reason for replacing your existing air conditioning system is its age. It’s recommended to start considering a central AC replacement once it reaches the 15-year mark. If it’s an older system that requires frequent repairs, then it’s advisable to replace it sooner. It’s important to schedule regular seasonal AC maintenance and follow the preventative repair guidelines recommended by your HVAC company. Keep an eye on your electricity bill and contact your HVAC technician if you notice a sudden increase in your AC costs. Also watch out for signs such as weak airflow, warm spots, unusual noises, unpleasant odors, and moisture buildup, and take prompt action if you notice any of these symptoms.

Air Conditioning Systems - Central AC System

AC Systems Tailored for Your Needs

Our team of AC experts possesses exceptional skills and extensive experience in designing AC systems that optimize both comfort and energy efficiency within a home. While you may require a simple replacement of your old air conditioner, we can also install additional ductwork as needed. We can install or upgrade your ventilation system and expand it with one or more ductless air conditioners or mini-splits, which are ideal for cooling challenging areas like an addition or garage apartment. They are also useful for spaces where you desire more control over the temperature, such as a bedroom.

Why Choose Sanks Mechanical

You can rely on Sanks for quality central AC installation & replacement because we’re licensed contractors with over a decade of experience. We customize every AC system we install to meet the specific needs of your home or business. Our team takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and care, and we stand behind our work.

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Commercial Air Conditioning System Replacement

In addition to residential services, Sanks offers commercial air conditioning system design services. Our team of AC technicians specializes in commercial equipment and can create the perfect system for your building. We take into account various factors such as the overall space within the building, room size, window count, and number of occupants to size the equipment accordingly. Our experts ensure that air delivery is balanced, and indoor air quality is optimal.

Annual AC Maintenance

To safeguard your investment in your new central AC system, we recommend our seasonal maintenance plan. It’s best to schedule your maintenance service appointment in the spring before the air conditioner is needed. Our team will perform a multi-point inspection, clean the equipment, correct any ordinary wear and tear, and calibrate the system. The plan includes other benefits such as priority service and a 10% discount on repairs.

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