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Can You Manually Light a Gas Furnace with an Electronic Ignition?

It’s very important to understand that you cannot manually light a furnace with an electronic ignitor. However, it is possible to resolve the issue by resetting the ignitor. Follow these instructions to find out if your ignitor is working so you can get your furnace back up and running.

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If you live in the Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Philadelphia area, you know how cold it can get in the winter. When you live in a chilly climate, it’s important to have your furnace working properly at all times. Sanks Mechanical is here to provide you with reliable routine and emergency furnace repair services, so you can stay warm all winter. As an experienced HVAC company, we get asked a lot of important questions. Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition? Here’s why you should never try to light an electronic ignition manually and what you should do instead.

How to Tell if Your Gas Furnace Ignitor is Working

There are a few steps you need to take to find out if your ignitor is working. If your electronic ignitor is not working, you can follow these instructions to reset it.

1. Test Simple Solutions First

A popped breaker or dirty air filter can cause issues with your furnace. Be sure to rule out these problems before trying to reset the ignitor.

2. Turn Off the Power

If you need to reset your ignitor, you must turn off the power to your furnace. You can kill the power by turning off the circuit for your furnace or by turning off the power in the entire home.

3. Locate the Ignitor

Next, you need to access the ignitor. The ignitor is located behind the burner door. Take the door off the furnace and place it in a safe location.

4. Turn Off the Ignitor

Once you’ve located the ignitor, you need to turn the switch to the “off” position. After five minutes, you can press the reset button on the ignitor.

5. Restart Your Gas Furnace

You can now replace the burner door. Once the door is replaced and the safety switch is engaged, you can restart the furnace. Go back to the circuit panel, restore the power, and adjust the thermostat settings for your furnace. At this point, the heat should come back on. If there is no heat, you can turn the thermostat off and try resetting the ignitor again. If this doesn’t work, you may need to have your furnace repaired. At this point, you may still be wondering, “Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition?” As frustrating as this problem is, you should never light your electronic ignition manually. It’s time to call in professional assistance.

6. Call in the Professionals

If resetting your electronic ignitor doesn’t solve your furnace issue, you need to call a professional to look at it. Remember, you cannot light the electronic ignition manually. Contact an HVAC specialist at Sanks to diagnose and repair your furnace as soon as possible.

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Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition? When your furnace stops working in the middle of winter, you may be tempted to try. However, it’s not safe to manually light an electronic ignition. If you need help with your furnace, you can rely on the HVAC professionals at Sanks Mechanical. We’ve been serving the Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia areas since 2012, and we can fix your furnace so you can stay warm all winter. Contact us today for gas furnace repair services you can rely on.

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