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Boiler Replacement & Installation

If you own a home in the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia area and would like a boiler system replaced or installed, turn to the professionals at Sanks Mechanical. Our HVAC company has served this region for more than a decade, and we have extensive experience with boiler replacement and new boiler installations, including converting homes to boilers from other heating technologies. Sanks partners with the top brands to bring our customers the best boilers available at competitive prices, and you can hire us with the peace of mind that we’ll install your new boiler with precision and in a manner that meets or exceeds all local building codes and manufacturer warranty requirements.

Is It Time to Replace Your Boiler?

Age is the main factor to consider when it comes to boiler replacement. The expected lifespan for a boiler is usually 15 years, and this is typically the point at which the system will be costing you more each month due to inefficiency. Something else to consider is that modern boilers are much more efficient than the unit you purchased a decade or more ago. The energy efficiency rating scale for boilers ranges from A to G. If your current unit is rated less than A, you can actually save money over the next 15 years by proactively replacing it. Sanks also advises our customers to watch for warning signs. These include a boiler that needs frequent repairs, shuts off sporadically, and takes longer to heat up. Other signs include uneven heating, unusual odors, and strange noises. You should watch for rising energy costs that could be linked to your boiler system, and call us 1-215-960-4803 if there are any signs of a leak no matter how seemingly minor as even a small leak can develop into a big problem fast.

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Why You Should Choose Sanks

Choose Sanks Mechanical for your boiler replacement because we’re an established and trusted company that has carried out many boiler installations, conversions, and replacements throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas. We’re a fully licensed and insured local HVAC contractor. Our boiler technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and you can count on us to deliver exceptional customer service and care and to stand behind our work.

The Benefits of a New Boiler

The biggest benefit of boiler replacement is energy efficiency. Your old boiler is probably no longer efficient, and modern boilers are impressively efficient. An upgrade will lower the carbon footprint of your home, lower your month-to-month costs, and reduce your total cost of ownership. New boilers are also safer and will improve the comfort of your home while increasing your property value. For homeowners considering conversion to a boiler, benefits include improved indoor air quality and the option for radiant floor heating systems that are more cost-effective than their electric counterparts.

Types of Boiler Systems We Install

Sanks Mechanical installs all manner of boiler systems used for residential and commercial purposes throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas. Hot water boilers, which are also known as hydronic heating systems, are the most prevalent choice for a boiler replacement, but we install steam boilers too. Our team installs electric boilers in addition to those that burn natural gas, heating oil, and propane, and we can convert you to gas from electric and vice versa or from a furnace or heat pump.

Residential Boiler Replacement Company

Many area homeowners have chosen Sanks for boiler replacement because of our reputation, which includes BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. Each household is unique, and we take great pride in helping each client choose the boiler system that is ideal for their budget and home.

Commercial Boiler Replacement Company

Sanks Mechanical plans and executes boiler replacement projects for businesses and other organizations throughout the region. That includes commercial locations that require a boiler system unique to them, and we’ve done this kind of work for hotels, apartment complexes, industrial sites, and much more.

Boiler Maintenance

The best way to protect your investment in boiler replacement is through seasonal maintenance. It’ll be required by your warranty but is also a good idea because it ensures optimal energy efficiency and therefore lowers your monthly costs. It also extends the life of your equipment by limiting wear and tear and therefore minimizes your total cost of ownership. Sanks Mechanical also offers maintenance plans that lower your costs even more and provide other perks, such as a discount on parts and labor should a boiler repair be required.

Boiler Repair Services

Not all boiler problems require you to replace your system. This is particularly true if the boiler is less than 12 years and old and the cost of replacement is less than 50% of a new unit. Our technician will perform a comprehensive inspection and diagnostics and provide you with a professional recommendation. If we advise repairs and you choose to move forward with them, we’ll carry out a precision repair that will restore your boiler to as close to new condition as possible.