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Professional Boiler Systems Services

Boiler Systems

Boiler systems are among the most effective and efficient ways to heat homes and businesses throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas, and Sanks Mechanical has provided a full range of boiler services in Southeastern Pennsylvania for more than a decade. Our company performs new installations, including conversions to a boiler from another heating solution, replacements, inspections, tune-ups, and repairs using the highest-quality products and materials.

What Is a Boiler?

A boiler is a hydronic heating system. In other words, boiler systems use water in order to provide heat throughout a home or business, and some systems heat water up to the point of boiling while others boil it so that it converts into vapor. Hot water systems are far more prevalent these days, but steam boilers are still available and have some advantages that may offset their downsides. All boilers need a mechanism through which to emanate heat. The traditional approach to this has been the radiator, but radiant panels that provide heat through floors, walls, and ceilings are becoming more prevalent.

The Benefits of a Well-Functioning Boiler

A boiler is among the most efficient options available for residential and commercial heating. Boiler systems are more efficient than most furnaces, and while there are high-efficiency furnaces available, those tend to be more expensive than the typical boiler. Boilers aren’t as efficient as heat pump systems but don’t have any of the drawbacks that air-source heat pumps do in our climate and can be run no matter how cold it gets. Another big advantage of boilers compared to furnaces and heat pumps is that there’s no need to force air through the system and diminish indoor air quality in the process.

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Why You Should Choose Sanks Mechanical

Sanks Mechanical is an HVAC company you can trust and rely on. We’re fully licensed and insured, and our boiler technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals. Sanks delivers competitive prices, premium materials, and superior workmanship, and you can hire us knowing that we’ll stand behind our work and deliver the outstanding customer service and care that you deserve.

Is It Time to Replace Your Boiler?

Age is the number one consideration when it comes to replacing boiler systems. The typical lifespan is between 15 to 20 years, and we recommend replacement before exceeding that mark in order to avoid any major problems. You should also have your boiler inspected and serviced once a year and any necessary maintenance performed right away. Home and business owners should also watch for signs that their boiler needs professional attention. No heat or no hot water if applicable is an obvious sign, but other notable indications include uneven heating, slow heating, intermittent shut-offs, unusual and/or loud noises, strange odors, and any moisture outside of the boiler unit.

Residential Boiler Installation & Replacement

If you need a boiler replaced, Sanks Mechanical can help you with that. We also perform new installations, which sometimes means converting the home or business over from a furnace or heat pump. In either case, we offer the best boilers from the top brands at competitive prices. We’ll help you choose the ideal boiler for your home or business and then install it in accordance with all building codes and manufacturer warranty requirements.

Commercial Boiler Installation & Replacement

Sanks Mechanical also offers a full range of replacement and installation services for our commercial clients, including conversions. In many cases, commercial boiler systems are quite similar to those used for residential purposes, but we’re also available to design and install custom commercial solutions no matter the scope or size of the project.

Residential & Commercial Boiler Maintenance Services

The best way to extend the life of boiler systems and avoid unexpected troubles is to schedule a seasonal inspection and tune-up. During your appointment, we’ll perform a multipoint inspection, clean your equipment, and carry out a tune-up during which we’ll calibrate the equipment and correct any wear and tear. As needed, we can also recommend proactive repairs that will save you money down the line. We also encourage you to consider our service plans, which help you save money while keeping your equipment on schedule, and membership comes with other benefits, such as a discount on repairs.

Trusted Boiler Repair Services

Our technicians perform a full range of boiler repair services as well and are available on an emergency basis. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection, quickly and accurately diagnose your boiler troubles, and then carry out a precision repair that you’ll be able to count on during the cold days and nights ahead.