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Heat Pump Replacement & Installation Services

Heat Pump Replacement

If you own a home in Bucks County, Montgomery County, or the surrounding areas and need a new heat pump installed, Sanks Mechanical is the company to call. We offer heat pump replacement and also upgrade homes from a furnace and air conditioner pairing to a heat pump with either a gas or electric backup. Sanks Mechanical offers the top heat pumps from the leading brands and will help you choose the ideal model for your budget and home.

Get to Know Your Heat Pump

A heat pump is different than a furnace in that it doesn’t generate heat directly but rather transfers heat energy. This is similar to how an air conditioner functions, but a heat pump also has a reversing valve so that it can provide heating as well as cooling. The core components of a heat pump include a heat exchanger and a compressor that moves refrigerant. A heat pump is connected to an indoor air handler, which circulates the warmed and cooled air through ducts. Most homeowners in our region have an air-source heat pump, which means that it transfers heat to and from the ambient air. It’s common to pair an air-source heat pump with a furnace for those nights when it gets particularly cold. You also have the option of a ground-source heat pump, which is also called geothermal heating. Because it transfers heat energy to and from the ground, it remains efficient even when it’s very cold outside and thus does not require auxiliary heating.

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Is It Time for a New Heat Pump?

There are two key factors in the optimal timing of heat pump replacement: age and performance. If your system is running well and has been properly maintained over the years, then you may be able to get 20 or even 25 years out of your unit. The average lifespan, however, is about 15 years, and if you’re experiencing problems, then we’ll generally recommend replacement at the 12-year mark or if the repair is going to cost you more than 50% of a new installation. Signs that a heat pump requires professional attention and may need to be replaced include warm and cold spots, inconsistent temperatures, short and long cycling, unusual odors and sounds, and increased dust accumulation.

Service Area Heat Pump Repair

Sign Up for An Annual Heat Pump Tune-Up

The best way to avoid premature heat pump replacement is to schedule seasonal maintenance. Since heat pumps both heat and cool, a tune-up prior to both winter and summer is recommended, and most heat pump warranties require it. We offer our Service Partner Plan, which covers not only the heat pump but also the gas or electric backup if applicable. As a plan member, you’ll receive priority service and a 10% discount on labor and materials should a repair or replacement be required.

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Heat Pump Repair Service

Sanks Mechanical offers a full range of heat pump repair services as well. Schedule a service appointment online or by phone. We’ll dispatch one of our expert repair technicians to your home with everything needed to diagnose your heat pump troubles quickly and accurately and get them corrected in a reliable manner.

Why Choose Sanks for Your New Heat Pump

Sanks Mechanical is the right choice for your heat pump replacement because we’re an established HVAC company that has served Southeastern PA for more than a decade. We deliver superior workmanship and stand behind that work and also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and care. Our team will take the time to help you choose the best heat pump for your home and install it in a manner that will keep you comfortable for many years to come.

Other HVAC Systems We Replace

Heat pump replacement is just one of the many HVAC services we provide. Our certified technicians specialize in all manner of heating and cooling technologies used for homes in our region, including gas and electric furnaces, hydronic heating systems, and ductless mini-splits.

Furnace Tune-Up

Furnace Replacement

Sanks Mechanical replaces all types of furnaces, including electric furnaces, units that burn natural gas, heating oil, and propane, condensing furnaces, and auxiliary heating systems.


Boiler Replacement

Our experts also install hydronic heating systems, including both hot water and steam boilers that run on electricity, natural gas, liquid propane, and fuel oil.

Ductless Mini Split

Mini-Split Replacement

We replace all manner of ductless mini-split systems, including configurations with multiple indoor units and mini-splits that serve as an add-on to a central system.