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Hollywood, PA Heater Replacement Company

Get a New Heater Installed Quickly

Sanks Mechanical is a premier heater replacement company in Hollywood, PA that has been serving homeowners and businesses for more than a decade. Whatever your current heating system, our team can replace it with modern heating technology that is efficient and saves you money each and every month. We want our customers to make informed decisions and have peace of mind, and we are happy to answer your questions, explore your options with you, and assist you in choosing the best heating system for your needs whether that is a furnace, heat pump, boiler, hybrid system, or something else entirely. We also work with systems that use electricity, natural gas, propane, and heating oil, and you can call us at 1-215-960-4803 or contact us online today to request an estimate!
Service Area Furnace Heater Repair and Replacement

Improved Energy Efficiency and Lasting Comfort

Trust Sanks Mechanical as the go-to heater replacement company committed to helping you save money while maximizing your comfort. Our collaborative approach ensures the initial investment fits your budget and guarantees long-term savings. From traditional single-stage furnaces to dual-stage and modulating furnaces, along with heat pumps and hydronic heating systems, we offer a range of options. Whether your current system runs on electricity, natural gas, propane, or heating oil, we can replace it as is or convert it to a different fuel source.

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Should I Replace My Heater?

Sanks Mechanical, a prominent heater replacement company in Hollywood, PA, frequently encounters customers facing the dilemma of whether to replace their existing system or attempt a repair to prolong its life. We offer honest and professional advice to assist you in making the right choice. Generally, the 15-year mark is the point where replacing a unit becomes more financially viable than repairing it, as systems of this age no longer run at peak efficiency.
Beyond breakdowns, signs like increased energy costs, uneven heating, dust accumulation, short cycling, long cycling, odd noises, and strange smells are warnings that replacement may be necessary.

Reasons for Heater Replacement

  • Over 15 Years Old
  • High Utility Bills
  • Frequent Repairs
  • Inconsistent Temperature

Annual Maintenance Helps Protect Your Heater

To protect and maximize your investment in a new heating system for your home or business, seasonal maintenance is crucial. Sanks Mechanical stands out as more than just a heater replacement company in Hollywood, PA – we also deliver routine maintenance services, featuring a multipoint inspection, thorough cleaning, and a comprehensive tune-up. A routine tune-up not only acts as a preventive measure against repairs but can also result in lower monthly heating costs, often paying for itself. Our services are available on demand, and we provide maintenance plans that include two seasonal inspections, fiberglass filters, and a 10% discount on parts and labor if a repair is necessary.

Reliable Heating Repair in Hollywood, PA

When your system is under 15 years old, our heater replacement company often suggests repairs over replacement. We understand that heating issues can arise beyond standard business hours, and prompt resolution is crucial when a breakdown occurs. That's why our repair technicians are available around the clock throughout Hollywood, PA. A skilled technician will be dispatched promptly to your home or business with all the necessary tools to restore your heat.

Types of Heaters We Install

Sanks Mechanical operates as a heater replacement company in Hollywood, PA, specializing in a diverse range of heating technologies. While furnaces remain the most prevalent heating systems in our service area, heat pumps offer a highly efficient alternative, and there's a growing popularity for hydronic heat.

Furnace Replacement

Numerous homeowners and businesses in the region opt for furnaces to fulfill their heating requirements. Modern furnaces are not only exceptionally efficient but also capable of handling the chilly winter temperatures prevalent in this area. While natural gas is a common preference, other options encompass heating oil, electric, and propane.

Heat Pump Replacement

The adoption of heat pumps is on the rise in both homes and businesses across Hollywood, PA, offering a comprehensive solution for both heating and cooling requirements. These systems are known for their affordability in installation and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice in both the short and long term. While air-source units are widely used, ground-source systems are gaining recognition as a worthwhile investment.

Boiler Replacement

Many of our customers in Hollywood, PA are opting for hydronic heating systems, such as steam and hot water heaters. These systems do not require forced air and thus provide better indoor air quality. They are also a great choice for radiant flooring heating, which delivers great comfort.

Choose Our Trusted Heater Replacement Company in Hollywood, PA

In your search for a trustworthy heater replacement company in Hollywood, PA, choose Sanks Mechanical. With more than a decade of service in the area, we have established ourselves as a reliable name and look forward to making you our next satisfied customer. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-215-960-4803 for any questions, appointment scheduling, or consultations.