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Professional Radiator Systems Repair & Replacement

Radiator System Installation

Radiators are the most prevalent way to distribute heat throughout a home or business from a boiler, and radiators are known for delivering comfortable heat without disrupting air quality the way a forced-air system can. If you own a home or business in the Montgomery, Bucks, or Philadelphia Areas and need radiator systems installed, replaced, serviced, or repaired, Sanks Mechanical is here to help. We’re a local HVAC company that has been established and trusted in this region since 2012.

What Is a Radiator?

Hydronic heating systems or boilers are units that create and deliver heat through the use of water. Hot water boilers heat water just to the point of boiling while steam boilers heat it until it becomes vapor. That hot water or steam is then distributed throughout the home through piping, but a delivery mechanism is needed, and that’s where radiator systems come into play. The pipes deliver the hot water or steam to the radiator, which is a reservoir that holds that fluid and allows it to emanate heat. Once the fluid cools down, the water is returned to the boiler, and the process begins anew.

The Benefits of Radiators

Radiator systems are among the most efficient heating systems for residential and commercial applications. Greater efficiency means better for the environment and lower month-to-month heating costs. Modern radiators are very safe. They also require little maintenance and rarely break down, which makes them an excellent option both in terms of the initial and long-term costs. Radiators also provide comfortable heat throughout a house or building without drying out the air the way a furnace can.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Radiators?

While it’s true that radiator systems require little maintenance and aren’t prone to breakdowns, nothing lasts forever. The typical radiator warranty is 15 years, so that’s a good benchmark for when you should consider replacing them proactively in order to avoid problems down the line. You should also schedule seasonal maintenance during which we’ll inspect your radiators and assess their condition. The most common issues to watch for are leaks, rust, and other corrosion, and internal blockages. Note that blockages can be tough to detect but are a common cause of a wide range of problems, including reduced heating effectiveness.

Radiator Replacement

Radiator Repair Services

If your radiator is not old enough to replace and the problems are not so severe that repair is impractical, we can fix your radiator. A common fix we perform is removing buildup and trapped air in order to overcome blockages. Our team can also replace faulty valves, wiring, and other components. Note that if you have an emergency, we’re available to provide these services around the clock.

Residential Radiator Installation

Sanks Mechanical offers premium boilers and radiator systems from the top brands at competitive prices. We perform replacements and also new installations that may involve converting you from a different heating technology or converting between fuel sources, such as electric to natural gas.

Commercial Radiator Installation

Our company specializes in commercial radiator systems as well. Many of the radiators used for commercial purposes are just like those used in homes, but we also have technicians who are able to design and install custom heating solutions no matter the size or scope of the project.

Radiator Maintenance Services

We recommend having your boiler system serviced each year as its required by your warranty and will help you save money on a month-to-month basis and over the long term. Your radiators generally will not need annual service, but we’ll inspect them during that appointment. Our team can then recommend any maintenance that your radiators do need over the years, such as flushing them.

Why You Should Choose Sanks Mechanical

Sanks Mechanical is a fully licensed and insured HVAC company that’s been established and trusted in this region for more than a decade. Our HVAC technicians are all highly skilled professionals who have extensive experience with residential and commercial radiator systems. Our work is completed to the highest standards at all times, including all building codes and manufacturer requirements, and we stand behind that work and pride ourselves on excellence in customer service and care.