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Trusted Residential Heating Services

Residential Heating

Affordable & Reliable Residential Heating Services

When homeowners in the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas need residential heating services, they turn to the team at Sanks Mechanical. We have been established in this region for a long time and deliver heating services that you can depend on at competitive prices. Sanks only uses high-quality parts and materials. We carry out inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations in accordance with all manufacturer requirements, and we stand behind our work and the products we use.

Do You Need Heating Maintenance or Repairs?

We encourage homeowners to schedule an annual tune-up, which is the best way to minimize your heating costs and avoid unexpected problems. You should also watch for any issues with your heating system and call us as needed. A heating system that won’t turn on or is blowing room temperature air is in obvious need of service, but you should also call us at 1-215-960-4803 if you notice cold spots in the home as it often indicates a problem with pressure. You also shouldn’t ignore unusual odors or any banging, clanking, or other strange noises. Short cycling may indicate a malfunctioning heat exchanger. Having to adjust the thermostat frequently suggests inefficient operation. Diminished air quality and increased dust could point to a heating problem, and if you have a pilot light, it should be no color other than blue.

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Emergency Residential Heating Services

A furnace that gives out in the middle of the night during the dead of winter can’t simply wait until tomorrow, which is why Sanks has heating repair technicians on call. Even on the weekends and during the holidays, we’re available to provide residential heating services at any time of day or night. Once you call us, we’ll have a technician en route to your home in a work truck outfitted with everything needed to diagnose your heating troubles quickly and accurately and fix them in a reliable way.

Heating System Installation

Our residential heating services include new installations, replacement, and conversions, such as from electric to natural gas and from a furnace to a heat pump with auxiliary heating. Sanks Mechanical offers the best furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers from the top brands at competitive prices, and our installations are carried out with precision and in accordance with all manufacturer requirements.

Heating System Installers

All Heating Technologies

Sanks Mechanical provides residential heating services for all types of heating systems used in homes in our region. Those include forced-air furnaces, heat pumps, radiators, and boilers.

Furnace Heating Services


Gas and electric furnaces are the most popular types of residential heating in Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia. These systems are not only efficient, but they can also provide significant warmth even under the worst winter circumstances.

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Heat Pump Heating Services

Heat Pumps

We install, replace, repair, and service all manner of heat pumps. Those include air-source and geothermal solutions and systems with and without a furnace as auxiliary heating.

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Radiator Heating Services


Sanks Mechanical provides a full range of residential heating services for baseboard radiators as well. These hydronic heating systems radiate heat throughout a home without diminishing air quality.

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Boiler Heating Services


Our team works with all manner of hot water and steam boilers. Baseboard radiators are one example of this type of heating, but we also specialize in convectors and radiant floor and wall heating.

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Why You Should Choose Sanks

When you need residential heating services, it’s important that you choose an established company that you can trust and rely on. In the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas, that company is Sanks Mechanical. Our heating technicians are highly skilled and experienced. We deliver superior workmanship and only use the highest-quality parts and materials, and you can count on us to stand behind our work and deliver outstanding customer service and care.

Heating Maintenance Services

Tune-ups are among the most important residential heating services we offer as they minimize your heating costs over the life of the equipment. We recommend scheduling a tune-up in autumn prior to needing to turn your heat on. During that appointment, our technician will perform a thorough inspection, clean the equipment, and correct any minor wear and tear. If necessary, we’ll also recommend any proactive repairs that will help you avoid unexpected heating troubles during winter.

Commercial Heating Services

What we do here at Sanks Mechanical isn’t limited to residential heating services. We also offer a full range of commercial heating services and have technicians who specialize in this field. Sanks Mechanical offers installation, replacement, inspection, repair, and maintenance services for all manner of commercial heating systems, including those solutions custom designed for the particular location.

Emergency Heating Services