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Zoned Heating System Installation and Replacement

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Zoned heating is a popular HVAC trend because it allows homeowners and businesses to achieve greater comfort while also lowering their energy costs and reducing their carbon footprints. If you own a home or commercial building in the Montgomery, Bucks, or Philadelphia areas and would like to upgrade to zoned HVAC, Sanks Mechanical can help. Our company specializes in the design and installation of zoned HVAC systems, and we also perform upgrades, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

The Purpose of Zoned Heating

A traditional HVAC system has a single zone. When you set that system to a particular temperature, it provides heat until that temperature is achieved throughout the entire living space. That can be rather inefficient. Consider the common scenario in which an entire family is upstairs sleeping and the downstairs goes unused overnight. The purpose of zoned heating is to organize the living spaces into discrete zones. In the earlier example, the upstairs could be kept at a comfortable sleeping temperature while the downstairs is kept at a more modest setting. Zoning can be achieved in a number of ways. You zone a centralized system that has a furnace or heat pump. You can zone with a ductless mini-split system, and it’s also possible to use ducted and ductless systems in combination.

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Do You Need Zoned Heating?

Whether or not zoned heating is a worthwhile investment depends on the size of your home or building and the number of people in it. If you have a small home or office with a handful of people or less, then it likely isn’t worth it. But if you have a multi-level home or commercial space, then it will almost certainly pay for itself over the life of the system.

Why Choose Sanks Mechanical

Sanks Mechanical has been helping area homeowners and businesses upgrade their properties with zoned heating and cooling since 2012. We are established and trusted throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas. Our company is fully licensed and insured and BBB accredited with an A+ rating. Our certified technicians use premium materials and deliver superior workmanship, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and care.

Zoned HVAC Thermostat
Heating System Installers

Zoned vs. Central Heating

With central heating, the temperature you set dictates the temperature for the entire home or building. In addition, the temperature reading is specific to where the thermostat is located and therefore may not paint a complete picture. With zoned heating, you are able to set the temperature individually for each zone, and you’ll also have access to readings that accurately reflect the temperatures in those zones.

The Benefits of Zoned Heating

A home or building with zoned heating is much less prone to cold spots because you’re not relying on the system to achieve one desired temperature throughout all of the living spaces, and it makes it much easier to achieve consistent and comfortable temperatures in the spaces you are using. It will lower your energy costs enough to cover the initial investment and then some, and it’s better for the environment because you’ll lower your carbon footprint.

Zoned HVAC for Residential Properties

Sanks Mechanical can design and implement a zoned heating and cooling system for your home that makes it more comfortable while reducing your energy consumption. Our team can implement zoning while installing a new system but is able to upgrade existing home HVAC systems as well.

Zoned HVAC for Commercial Properties

Sanks Mechanical also designs and implements zoned heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings of all sizes. Commercial sites often use similar equipment to that used for residential purposes, but we’re also able to custom design systems to meet the unique needs of a commercial location.

Zoned HVAC Maintenance Services

Sanks Mechanical encourages you to have your zoned heating and cooling systems serviced on a seasonal basis. It is required by most HVAC warranties and will also extend the life of your equipment, help avoid unexpected repairs, and reduce your month-to-month heating and cooling costs. We offer an HVAC maintenance plan that is designed to keep your system running efficiently.

Zoned HVAC Repair Services

Sanks Mechanical has skilled and experienced repair technicians who fix all manner of residential and commercial heating systems, including zoned configurations. We’ll arrive at your location in a work truck outfitted with everything needed to get your heat running again. Our tech will diagnose the problem quickly and accurately and carry out a precision repair that you can rely on.