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Whole-Home Dehumidifiers for Better Air Quality

Whole home dehumidifier

Enhance Your Home With a Dehumidifier

Indoor air pollution is a growing concern, and more homeowners in the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas are installing indoor air quality equipment, including dehumidifiers. Since 2012, Sanks Mechanical has helped homeowners in this region improve their air quality, and dehumidifier installation is one way we do that. A dehumidifier is an excellent investment since it not only improves air quality but makes the home easier to cool and extends the life of your air conditioning equipment.

Why Choose Sanks Mechanical?

Sanks has been established and trusted throughout the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas for more than a decade. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and are licensed and insured as required by the state. We install the top dehumidifiers from the most trusted brands, and our installation methods meet or exceed all local building codes and manufacturer warranty requirements.

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How a Dehumidifier Works

Dehumidifiers typically have five core components: a fan, a compressor, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and a reservoir. The fan draws air through the system. The compressor uses refrigerant to cool the evaporator coils, which causes moisture in the air to condense. The condenser coils warm the dry air prior to it leaving the system, and the condensed moisture is collected in the reservoir. Most units also have a humidistat that lets you set your desired relative humidity. Portable units will have a simpler implementation of the parts discussed above whereas a whole home dehumidifier will have a more elaborate design, including a condensate line that allows the unit to drain automatically.

How a dehumidifier works

Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are good investments for all homes, but there may be indications that your home needs one more than most. The number one warning sign is not feeling as comfortable as you’d like when running your AC. While an air conditioner does dehumidify to a degree, it is not a dehumidifier and may struggle to keep up when the weather is particularly humid. Condensation on windows and doors indicates a moisture problem. Likewise, musty odors suggest excess moisture, also, mildew or mold growth, blistering paint, peeling wallpaper, and creaky floors and doors do as well.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

The ideal relative humidity for your home is 40%-60%, and dehumidifiers help you to reach that level efficiently. At your optimal RH, you’ll be comfortable at a higher temperature setting. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as often or as hard, which results in lower cooling costs over time. Dehumidification improves sleep and respiratory health. It also makes your home less prone to mold and mildew in addition to dust mites and a wide range of other unwanted pests.

Benefits of a dehumidifier

The IAQ Solutions We Offer

The indoor air quality equipment that Sanks installs, services, and repairs is not limited to dehumidifiers. We also offer air scrubbers, air filters, UVC air purifiers, and humidifiers.

Air Scrubber

An air scrubber is a duct-mounted device that removes both particles and gases. It also transforms particles into supercharged oxidizers that neutralize contaminants in the air but also on surfaces.

Air Filters

Air filters mechanically clean the air. The most effective example is a medical-grade high-efficiency particular air or HEPA filter, which can trap 99.995% of particles down to 0.1 microns in size.

UVC Air Purifiers

UVC air purifiers employ ultraviolet radiation to neutralize contaminants. UV-C light is a powerful disinfectant used in hospitals to eliminate viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and more.


Whereas dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, humidifiers add moisture. This is important for air quality in winter when air is drier and heating your home exacerbates that issue.

Why Good Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Americans are indoors at home, school, and work 90% of their time. Due to that and the tightly packed buildings that modern construction techniques allow, indoor air pollution is one of the top health risks in the U.S. Indoor air can never be less polluted than outdoor air without some form of filtration or purification and is often worse due to inadequate ventilation that leads to more concentrated levels. Dehumidifiers are important because they limit moisture and thus improve respiratory function and make the indoor environment less prone to mold and pests that undermine air quality.

Commercial Air Purification Solutions

The indoor air quality services we offer at Sanks Mechanical are not limited to residential applications. We also install, service, and repair dehumidifiers for commercial locations in addition to humidifiers and air filter and purification systems, and our team has extensive experience designing indoor air quality solutions that meet the specific needs of a commercial location or business operations.