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, Heater Repair Service

Reliable Furnace, Heat Pump, and Boiler Repair Company

Sanks Mechanical is a family-owned and -operated heating and cooling company that has proudly served , since 2012. Our HVAC company offers seasonal tune-ups in addition to expert heater repair service. We appreciate how important your heating system is to your home or business, and when you experience heating troubles, our team is here for you. Sanks Mechanical will make you a priority and get your heat working again fast. You can call us at 1-215-960-4803 right now for the help you need.

Sanks Heating Service

Emergency Heater Repair in ,

A furnace, heat pump, or boiler that fails in the middle of the night is more than just an inconvenience. It can pose health risks and result in frozen pipes and other serious damage to your property. That is why Sanks Mechanical has expert heater repair technicians in , who are available to help during an emergency. Our team will arrive at your home or business as soon as possible in a work truck outfitted with all of the equipment and materials needed to diagnose your heating troubles and correct them during that visit. If you need assistance now, call Sanks Mechanical at 1-215-960-4803, and relax knowing that we will be there for you fast!

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Do I Need a Heater Repair Service?

A furnace blowing cold air means that you need Sanks Mechanical now. But heater troubles are not always so obvious. There may be a sudden spike in your heating bill, cold spots in an area of your home, or an odd smell or sound, which are all signs that you should give us a call. The good news is that heater problems are typically simple, and we often encounter malfunctioning thermostats and filters that need to be replaced. It is not uncommon for a pilot light to go out or an ignition system to fail. Heating systems tend to have a lot of moving parts that can wear down, and such wear and tear can be particularly problematic if the system is old, or you have skipped a seasonal tune-up.

Common Heater Issues

  • Odd Noises
  • Thermostat Trouble
  • High Energy Bills
  • Dusty Air
  • You Smell Gas
  • Frequent Cycling
  • Over 15 Years Old

Types of Heating Systems We Repair

Sanks Mechanical provides heater maintenance and heater repair service in , for homes and businesses throughout the area. That means that we specialize in a wide range of heating technologies, including those that use electricity, natural gas, propane, and heating oil. We have repair technicians that specialize in furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and hybrid heating systems.

Service Area Furnace Heater Repair and Replacement

Gas and Electric Furnaces

Many homes and businesses through , have furnaces, and we provide maintenance and perform repairs. Gas-burning furnaces are often preferred, but an electric furnace is an effective alternative if your property lacks a natural gas line.

Service Area Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice, and we service and repair these systems as well. Not only are heat pumps very efficient, but they can both heat and cool. They can also be combined into a hybrid setup that handles colder temperatures.

Service Area Boiler Heating Repair

Radiant Boilers

Hydronic heating systems, such as steam and hot water boilers, are not only efficient but do not reduce indoor air quality the way forced-air systems can. We service and maintain all types of boilers, including those that use radiators and radiant panels.

Service Area Residential Heating Repair

Residential Heater Repair Service

Your home heating equipment can fail without warning and at any time, and if that happens, Sanks Mechanical in , is here for you. We know how important your heat is and will work hard to ensure that you and your family are not without it for long. Our heater repair technicians in , work on furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and hybrid systems, including those that run on electricity, natural gas, propane, and heating oil.

Service Area Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial Heater Repair Service

Sanks Mechanical is locally owned and operated company that takes a great deal of pride in serving business and other organizations in , . We are available on your schedule to perform installations, maintenance and repairs. Our team works on a variety of commercial heating systems and can customize those systems and services to your unique site and operations. When a fault or failure occurs, count on our expert repair technicians to be there fast and to get your heat back on.

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Heater

The best way to avoid needing heater repair service is to schedule routine maintenance. We recommend scheduling maintenance in autumn prior to the heating season. Our seasonal service involves a multipoint inspection, a comprehensive cleaning and a tune-up that corrects wear and tear and optimizes the unit. Home and business owners can also take advantage of our HVAC Maintenance Plans. These plans keep your heating and cooling equipment on schedule and save you money by including two service appointments, fiberglass filters, and a 10% discount if a repair is ever required.

Heater Replacement in ,

Even with routine maintenance, there will come a time when it is better to replace your old system rather than repair it. Sanks Mechanical specializes in furnace installations and replacements, and our experts can help you choose the optimal system for you. That includes the latest heating technologies, such as modulating, dual-stage and single-stage furnaces. We can replace your current system with a similar technology or convert you to something else, which includes conversion to natural gas or electric. Contact us today to get answers to your questions and to chat with us about your furnace replacement options.

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