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City Furnace Repair Company

Trusted Heating Repair When You Need It Most

In many homes and businesses throughout City, the furnace is the most important aspect of the heating system. Whether you have a gas-fueled or an electric furnace, seasonal maintenance is imperative to keeping your month-to-month expenses and total cost of ownership as low as possible. Even with routine cleanings and tune-ups, furnace issues can occur and cause serious problems for you and your property. When that happens, you need an expert repair technician right away, and Sanks Mechanical is here to help. Our furnace repair company in City provides emergency repair services for residential and commercial customers around the clock 365 days a year. Contact us now for help!

Sanks Heating Service

Emergency Furnace Repair in City

A furnace that fails in the middle of the night is a serious problem, which is why our company offers emergency furnace repair services throughout City you can count on. We have expert repair technicians on standby and can dispatch them to your home or commercial location quickly. Our HVAC technicians will arrive promptly with all of the equipment and materials needed to get your furnace working again during that single visit. Your family, tenants, or employees do not have to be stuck in the cold. Give us a call at 1-215-960-4803! The team at Sanks Mechanical furnace repair team will be there for you fast.

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Common Reasons for Furnace Repair

More often than not, furnace troubles are relatively simple problems, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or an air filter which needs to be replaced. With gas furnaces, pilot light issues are not uncommon, and electric furnaces can develop issues with their ignitors. There a lot of moving parts within a furnace as well so various internal mechanical issues can crop up from time to time. The most common cause of furnace troubles is old age. There comes a point when a furnace is more prone to breakdowns and replacing it will actually save you money over the next 15 years or more.

Furnace Issues

  • Broken Blower Motor
  • Frequent Cycling On/Off
  • Thermostat Malfunction
  • Pilot Light Problems

Furnace Maintenance Protects Your System

Sanks Mechanical wants to help you avoid the need for a furnace repair, and the best way to do that is through seasonal maintenance. Our furnace maintenance service includes a multipoint inspection, a thorough cleaning and a tune-up. We even offer Furnace Maintenance Plans that help you save and keep you on schedule. Our plans include two seasonal visits, fiberglass filters and a 10% discount if a furnace repair is required.

Furnace Replacement in City

If your current furnace is old and needs to be replaced, Sanks Mechanical can help with that as well. Our company sells and installs the latest furnace technologies, including single-stage, dual-stage, and modulating furnaces. We install electric, natural gas, heating oil, and propane systems and can convert you from one type of system to another if you’d like. Our expert furnace installers can answer all of your questions and help you choose the new system that provides you the best value over the long term.

Other Heating Systems We Repair

Our heating system repair services are not limited to furnace repair. Sanks Mechanical also specializes in the maintenance and repair of heat pumps in addition to steam and hot water boilers. All of these maintenance and repair services are available for both residential and commercial customers.

Heat Pump Repair

As the technology continues to advance, heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice because they are so efficient. Air-source heat pumps are most prevalent, but ground-source heat pumps can be an excellent long-term investment.

Boiler Repair

Hot water and steam boilers are both types of hydronic heating systems. These systems have traditionally used baseboard radiators to deliver heat to the home, but radiant floor panels are an increasingly popular option.

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