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Horsham, PA Heater Replacement Company

Get a New Heater Installed Quickly

For more than a decade, Sanks Mechanical has been the go-to heater replacement company for homeowners and businesses in Horsham, PA. Regardless of your current heating system, our dedicated team can upgrade it with modern, efficient technology, leading to monthly savings. We prioritize informed decision-making and peace of mind, offering answers to your questions and assistance in choosing the best heating system. Whether it's a furnace, heat pump, boiler, hybrid system, or another choice, we also work with systems using electricity, natural gas, propane, and heating oil. Contact us today at 1-215-960-4803 or online to request an estimate.
Service Area Furnace Heater Repair and Replacement

Improved Energy Efficiency and Lasting Comfort

Choose Sanks Mechanical as your heater replacement company, committed to helping you save money and ensure optimal comfort. We collaborate with you to ensure the initial investment aligns with your budget and guarantees long-term savings. Explore options ranging from traditional single-stage furnaces to dual-stage and modulating furnaces, as well as heat pumps and hydronic heating systems. Whether your current system uses electricity, natural gas, propane, or heating oil, we can replace it as is or convert it to a different fuel source.

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Should I Replace My Heater?

As a leading heater replacement company in Horsham, PA, we often assist customers grappling with the decision of whether to replace their current system or opt for a repair to extend its life. Our team provides honest and professional advice to guide you in making the correct choice. Typically, the 15-year milestone signals that replacing a unit is a more financially sensible decision than repairing it, as systems of this age no longer operate at peak efficiency.
While a breakdown is one indicator, increased energy costs, uneven heating, dust accumulation, short cycling, long cycling, odd noises, and strange smells are additional warning signs.

Reasons for Heater Replacement

  • Over 15 Years Old
  • High Utility Bills
  • Frequent Repairs
  • Inconsistent Temperature

Annual Maintenance Helps Protect Your Heater

Protecting and optimizing your investment in a new heating system for your home or business is best achieved through seasonal maintenance. Sanks Mechanical, more than just a heater replacement company in Horsham, PA, also provides routine maintenance services, including a multipoint inspection, comprehensive cleaning, and a detailed tune-up. A regular tune-up not only helps prevent repairs but can also pay for itself by reducing your monthly heating costs. Our services are available on demand, and we offer maintenance plans that include two seasonal inspections, fiberglass filters, and a 10% discount on parts and labor in case of a repair.

Reliable Heating Repair in Horsham, PA

It's a common recommendation from our heater replacement company to opt for repairs instead of replacement when the system is younger than 15 years. We recognize that heating problems may occur outside regular business hours, and quick resolution is vital when a breakdown occurs. This is why our repair technicians are on call and available throughout Horsham, PA. We'll dispatch an experienced technician promptly to your home or business, fully prepared to restore your heat.

Types of Heaters We Install

Sanks Mechanical, based in Horsham, PA, operates as a heater replacement company and is well-versed in a diverse range of heating technologies. Though furnaces are the predominant heating systems in our service area, heat pumps offer a highly efficient alternative, and hydronic heat is gaining popularity.

Furnace Replacement

Many homeowners and businesses in the area choose furnaces to meet their heating needs. Modern furnaces are not only highly efficient but able to handle the cold winter temperatures common to this area. Natural gas is often preferred, but other options include heating oil, electric, and propane.

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice throughout Horsham, PA for both homes and businesses. These systems deliver both heating and cooling. They are affordable to install and cost-effective in both the short and long term. Air-source units are prevalent, but ground-source systems are also a great investment.

Boiler Replacement

A growing number of our customers in Horsham, PA are choosing hydronic heating systems, including steam and hot water heaters. These systems eliminate the need for forced air, resulting in improved indoor air quality. Additionally, they are an excellent option for radiant floor heating, offering exceptional comfort.

Choose Our Trusted Heater Replacement Company in Horsham, PA

Sanks Mechanical is the heater replacement company you can rely on in Horsham, PA. With over a decade of experience, we've built a reputable name in the area and are excited to have you as our next loyal customer. Whether you have questions or need to schedule an appointment or consultation, reach out to us online or call 1-215-960-4803.