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Residential Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement

Upgrade Your Home With a New Water Heater

When homeowners need residential water heater replacement in the Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia areas, they turn to the professionals at Sanks Mechanical. We are a trusted, local company that has served Southeastern PA for over a decade, and you can rely on us for a precision water heater installation that improves your quality of life during the many years ahead.

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Does Your Home Need a New Water Heater?

Age is the top consideration when it comes to residential water heater replacement. You want to consider the replacement of a traditional tank water heater at around 10 years and a tankless water heater at around 20 years. It may be wise to accelerate that timeline if the water heater is problematic and you’re dealing with repairs. Also, while you could get more life out of an older but relatively problem-free unit, be mindful that these are the ages at which water heaters tend to become inefficient and therefore cost you more to operate each month. You should pay attention to signs that a water heater is wearing down sooner than expected, and those include orange-colored hot water, metallic smells or tastes, inconsistent temperatures, and any condensation no matter how minor it may seem.

Signs to Replace Your Water Heater

The Benefits of Residential Water Heater Replacement

Investing in a new water heater means that you’re not going to have to think about it again for at least a decade and that you’re going to pay less each month in utility bills. Residential water heater replacement is also an opportunity to size a water heater to your current household and therefore have plenty of hot water to meet your needs. A new water heater will be quieter as well and can also result in you getting hot water faster from your faucets and with better water pressure too.

Why Trust the Pros at Sanks Mechanical

Sanks Mechanical is a fully insured and licensed business that has been performing residential water heater replacement in Pennsylvania since 2012. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced and take great pride in our professionalism and customer service. You can expect a precision installation completed the right way the first time around along with competitive pricing for all labor and materials and for flexible financing options that can make it easier to afford your new water heater.

Water Heater Technologies

Sanks Mechanical specializes in all types of water heaters and gives you all of those options for your residential water heater replacement. Those include standard tank water heaters but also on-demand water heating systems in addition to heat pump water heaters and condensing water heaters.

Standard Tank Water Heater

Tank Water Heater Replacement

Tank water heaters are the traditional choice for residential water heater replacement. These systems heat and store water in a tank, and available tank sizes typically range from 20 to 80 gallons.

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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Tankless water heaters are a trending alternative to the standard water heater and can provide a virtually endless supply of hot water. These units also last longer and thus have a lower total cost of ownership.

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Condensing Water Heater

Condensing Water Heater Replacement

Condensing water heaters are a type of gas water heater that reuses residual exhaust heat for greater efficiency. These are often referred to as high-efficiency water heaters due to a UEF as high as 0.96.

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Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement

A heat pump water heater is a type of electric water heater that uses a heat pump to transfer heat energy to the water. These units are often integrated into a home’s heating and cooling system.

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Commercial Water Heater Replacement

The services we offer here at Sanks Mechanical aren’t limited to residential water heater replacement. Our company also offers a full range of commercial water heater replacement services and can replace your old system with a similar technology or convert you to a new solution. You can also count on us for water heater inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Inspections

While many homeowners take a break-fix approach to their water heaters, you can get the most out of your investment and avoid premature residential water heater replacement by letting the pros at Sanks come out and inspect your system. We can take a look at your unit and provide you with the best next steps to take for your home.

Water Heater Repairs

Depending on how old your water heater is and the scope of the problem, it may be a better financial decision to repair rather than replace it, and Sanks Mechanical performs a full range of water heater repairs as well. Common repairs include thermostat calibration, heating element replacement, and anode rod replacement.